Accudata Technologies Provides, Asterisk CNAM, Account Owner (AO), Credit Card Processing, Billed Number Screening, Billing Name and Address, Billing Verification, BNS, Caller Name Information and Calling Name Databases, CNAM, CNAME and CNAM Storage. Credit Card Validation, Landline Number Validation, Lead Validation, Lead Verification, LIDB, LIDB Storage and Telephone Number Validation, Line Information Database for businesses looking to combat, Caller ID Spoofing and fake caller id. Also provides VOIP Caller ID and VOIP CNAM Services.
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Operating Company Name Lookup (OCNL™)

When wireline or wireless subscribers get better offers from other providers, they often switch. The carriers who lose these subscribers learn only that the number has been ported and the billing has been changed. It's a little like going back to college after the summer and finding that your best friend from last year has transferred to some other school without telling you.

Accudata’s OCNL service helps carriers find these lost subscribers and win them back. As carriers receive notices, they compile a list of lost subscribers and send the names to Accudata. Using its OCNL service, Accudata searches a series of databases throughout North America for the lost subscribers. After we locate the subscribers, we respond to the original carrier, identifying each subscriber’s new carrier – usually within 24 hours of the initial request and often in real time.


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